Hosted VoIP

BridgeOne IPT offers hosted, business-grade IP telephony that will cut the cost of your calls, improve communications between your employees and raise the productivity of your business.

As a hosted system, the service requires no on-site PBX switch, and hence no capital expenditure, no related maintenance fees nor any of the costs associated with the installation and costly rental of ISDN lines.

'On-net' calls between your sites, employees and other users is free and BridgeOne can provide other calls at extremely competitive rates. The service is charged as a simple flat fee per month based on the number of users.

With this combination of low cost and high functionality, BridgeOne IPT delivers communications capabilities normally associated with large corporations, at a price affordable to the small business.

  • Free calls 'on-net': Users on the same network enjoy unlimited, free calls anywhere in the world.
  • Low-cost off-net calls: The prices of calls to destinations on other networks are significantly lower than traditional tariffs.
  • Enhanced connectivity: Office, home users, overseas offices, travelling employees - all are connected on one system.
  • No investment: No PBX hardware purchase, line installation or line rental. One monthly fee covers all costs.
  • No Maintenance Costs: No hardware maintenance or engineering costs for upgrading software.
  • Future Proof: Constantly upgraded. No obsolete equipment or software.
  • Secure and Reliable: A secure and proven software platform with integrated security systems.
  • Assured Quality of Service (QoS): Dedicated broadband access and traffic management services to ensure voice traffic and quality is not hindered by other traffic.
  • Phone Options: A range of handsets and an on-screen soft phone offer extensive features and functionality.
  • Remote Working: Employees at home, overseas, travelling or based at other branches can communicate better and reduce expenditure on calls.
  • Simple Administration: Managed and scalable. The fully managed service means moves, changes and general phone management are achieved simply and quickly.
  • Greater Productivity: Employees can work more efficiently and more responsively, anywhere with a broadband connection
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