4 April 2014

EU abolishes mobile roaming fees.



The European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of proposals to scrap mobile roaming fees across Europe yesterday.

Under the new rules, voted in yesterday, making a call or sending an email from a mobile phone whilst abroad in Europe will cost the same as it does in the UK from 15 December 2015.

“This is what the EU is all about – getting rid of barriers to make life easier and less expensive,” said European Commissioner for digital agenda Neelie Kroes.

UK mobile operators believe that the decision will increase the cost of monthly mobile plans if they are forced to pass on roaming costs.  “Unless lower charges for roaming are supported by lower wholesale prices, network operators will be forced to charge consumers more to cover their overall costs”.

The European Parliament has also voted to restrict European internet service providers’ ability to charge online services, like Netflix or YouTube, for faster network access.

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