29 March 2016

Apple - Problems with iOS 9.3 launch.


When Apple launched iOS 9.3 last week it received credit from many for spending significantly more time testing this software, following a series of troubled releases (no less than seven betas!).  But now new problems are mounting, leaving a bitter taste in the mouths of some users…


Following an initially smooth update process last week for users with cutting edge devices, it turned out iOS 9.3 was bricking a number of older devices – something Apple (to its credit) quickly admitted.  But now real anger is building among users of iPhones and iPads of all ages after web browsing in Safari became largely unusable following the upgrade.


Complaints are flooding into Apple Support Communities, Twitter (in particular) and popular Apple sites like MacRumors after many iOS 9.3 upgraders found both tapping and long pressing hyperlinks (the latter gives options like opening links in a new tab) cause Safari to lock up.  What’s more the bug isn’t only initiated in Safari, but also when hyperlinks are opened from any app including Mail, Messages, Notes and social media.


Interestingly 9to5Mac discovered even unaffected devices can be hit by the bug when installing specific apps.  Meanwhile others blame Apple’s new universal links and some recommend switching off JavaScript (Settings > Safari > Advanced), though this has seen mixed results and damages the overall web browsing experience.


Restarting devices and force closing Safari also hasn’t proved consistently effective.


Although important to stress that iOS 9.3 remains an excellent overall update (well tested and the upgrade process has gone very smoothly), may be safer to wait for 9.3.1 !


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