14 December 2016

New Nokia 150 feature phone

HMD Global, the company that acquired the rights to the Nokia brand for mobile phones, has announced its first two phones.  It is starting with two feature phones, the Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM, which will launch in Q1 2017 in selected markets in Asia, Africa and Europe at a recommended price of USD 26.

Featuring hard-wearing polycarbonate shells and scratch-resistant colour, the Nokia 150 phones are built to last, the company said. They include 2.4-inch screens, a FM radio and MP3 player, a traditional keypad, Bluetooth, camera with LED flash, LED torch and microUSB charger.  The phones come pre-loaded with games including classic Snake Xenzia and a trial of Nitro Racing by Gameloft.


Nokia (and Snake) are back: Meet the new phone from the mobile pioneer.  Nokia has created classic handsets in the past, and is now back on the scene bringing with it features such as, um, an FM radio and, er, MP3 player. 

No, you havent fallen through a wormhole in the space time continuum propelling you back into the 1990s. 

The brand is making a comeback with the type of phone we all used to play Snake on, going for a feature phone rather than a smartphone. And it only costs $26. 

The Nokia 150 and Nokia 150 Dual SIM will have a 2.4 inch screen and a battery life of 22 hours and 31 hours of standby time (beat that iPhone). 

More importantly, forget time wasted on Twitter, Instagram and the new Super Mario game - youll be able to play the classic that is Snake. 

The roll out of the phones next year come courtesy of HMD, the Finnish company which snapped up the rights to the Nokia name from the original pieces of the Nokia company, which was crushed by the rise of the smartphone and a disastrous sale to Microsoft. 

Sales of smartphones may have overtaken feature phones last year, but just under one billion are still expected to be sold this year and 500m in 2020, forecasts suggest. 

With the world experiencing an unprecedented level of digital overload, perhaps the Nokia 150 could be the answer? 

And with 2016 turning out to be a year to forget, the comforting face of a Nokia phone reminds us of a time when things were not so bad.  Add the rising trend for vinyl over digital downloads as an indicator of a desire for simpler times, and maybe the Nokia could be the must have item of 2017. 

(Lynsey Barber - City A.M.)

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