17 February 2017

5G - bigger impact than fibre broadband.

O2 UK has predicted that 5G mobile networks will have a much bigger impact on the UK economy than the move to fixed fibre broadband.  According to the study by Development Economics commissioned by the mobile operator, the national 5G infrastructure is expected to outstrip the economic benefits of fibre broadband by 2026, just six years after the 5G roll-out starts.


The research suggests that the UK should focus on 5G infrastructure as part of efforts to shore up its economy post-Brexit.  The new network will introduce new industries, platforms and services, such as 3D video calls and smart home and health applications, O2 said.  In addition to GBP 7 billion of estimated direct economic value through businesses using 5G, the ‘ripple effect’ through the supply chain will also see it indirectly boost the nation’s productivity by GBP 3 billion more a year, the report predicts.


The added value of 5G mobile connectivity to the UK economy will also become apparent almost twice as quickly as fibre broadband.  This is based on the current BT Openreach roll-out rates and the experience with rolling out 4G networks in the UK.  Overall, the study estimates that the combined value of 4G and 5G connectivity will add GBP 18.5 billion to the economy in less than a decade, compared to just GBP 17.5 billion for broadband.

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