21 February 2017

EE uses baloons & drones.

EE said it has developed a technology that can supply call and internet connections in the most remote parts of the UK, or during and after disasters such as flooding.  The operator demonstrated the system, using balloon and drone Ďair mastsí, and a network of small cells.


The operator explained that the technology uses mini mobile sites attached to a helium balloon to supply wide-area 4G mobile coverage where permanent sites have been damaged or in areas where there is no 4G coverage.  EE also showcased drones equipped with mini sites, each including a base station and antenna, that can be used to provide targeted coverage, including in search and rescue operations.  The technology uses small cells which connect back to the EE network via satellite or the operatorís 4G spectrum for calls and internet access.


The tethered and powered mobile Ďair mastí systems are currently in patent-pending status.  EE expects to deliver a deployed balloon solution in a rural environment sometime this year.


The operator has also created Rapid Response Vehicles that will support the new Emergency Services Network for which the operator is the main contractor, during local site outages and essential maintenance.  Last year Nokia said it was working with EE on such compact network solutions.



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