15 December 2017

Vodafone to turn off 3G.

Starting with Vodafone Netherlands, Vodafone will stop offering mobile internet via 3G from January 2020.  The operator said it will use the extra spectrum to increase capacity on 4G/LTE and 4G+/LTE-Advanced networks.  The operator, part of VodafoneZiggo, has, like KPN and T-Mobile, been using unused 3G spectrum for 4G services for some time.


Vodafone is advising customers to switch to a 4G internet subscription.  Customers who do not switch to 4G themselves will be put on 2G as of January 2020.  The network, dating from the 90s (GPRS), is actually not intended for mobile internet, given the low speed limits, but is mainly used for mobile calls and SMS.


Large-scale deployment of 3G spectrum for 4G


In a survey last September among the four major operators, it appeared that KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile were using 3G spectrum on a large scale to increase capacity on their 4G networks.  Vodafone said at the time that, where the 3G spectrum is no longer needed for 3G traffic, the spectrum will be released and used for 4G.


[  15th December 2017.]

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