25 March 2013

Twitter rolls out video.

Social network Twitter, the social network known for its 140-character messages, hinted at the direction of its evolution with the launch this month of a new streaming video service for smartphones.  The service, called Vine, records six-second-long video-clips, which can then be seamlessly embedded within tweets.


Earlier today, the first footage of new the Marvel comics superhero film The Wolverine was released through a Vine “tweaser” by director James Mangold.  That’s a big departure from the modern tradition of first releasing a trailer on a film’s website, or on Apple’s trailer page, or even on YouTube.  It seems Hollywood has realized nothing leaves people wanting more like a great Vine.


Swordplay, samurais, gun fighting, love, adamantium claws, and Wolverine hurtling through the air are all squished into the six-second video.  There are zero lines spoken, few plot clues, and no titles shown except for the film’s logo.  Which is perfect.  Wolverine, the X-Men, and Marvel already have such a rabid fan base, so this will be plenty to get them salivating.  Pushing the clip to Twitter seems a brilliant move, and may very well mark the coming of age of a new marketing medium for smartphone video-based content.  It’s a brave new attention-deficit world we’re living in.


Watch “The Wolverine” tweaser Vine here.   [ ]

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