SMS Text Broadcasting

SMS text broadcasting is now the fastest, simplest and most reliable way to send important information to large numbers of people at the same time, anywhere in the world.

The service can integrate SMS-based communications into Microsoft Exchange/ Outlook as well as existing CRM packages, email, accounting and other legacy systems, without additional infrastructure.

With increasing focus on disaster recovery and business continuity solutions, SMS text broadcasting is a messaging service that is easy to operate and provides efficient solutions to both corporate and public sector organizations, especially at times when voice networks may be overloaded.

Main Features

  • Single & bulk-send, with scheduling facilities.
  • Traces messages to handset.
  • SMS Tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • Allows two-way SMS messaging from a PC to mobile networks.

Business Benefits

  • Improves efficiency, reduces communication costs, and gives total control over process.
  • Incoming messages can be routed to recipients' workstations.
  • Extended marketing campaigns can be in-house and automated.

BridgeOne has the experience to advise on the services offered by the UK's leading names in SMS text broadcasting services, including those solutions offered directly by the mobile networks.

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